Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pick up lines part II or how you haven’t learned much

It’s been only month and a half, but here we are again facing communication issues among men and women (we knew about the existence of the problem before my era, I’m sure...). Apparently, first lesson was not well comprehended and we all need a repetition. These following stories are very much real, again. Unfortunately, again. However, witty. Mostly, I hope. Some are very fresh, straight from the bakery, as for others... Well, I couldn’t reveal all at once, could I?

Oh, the smell of another person...

A newly red-headed friend of mine attended quite famous marketing event (quite famous for Slovenian borders, that is). I guess meeting hot people on such occasions is relatively normal. A good looking guy approached my friend, still blond at the time (I am not making any suggestions about her intellect. She is very bright). 
Him: Mmm, you smell nice. I like your perfume. My girlfriend has one alike.
Her: Thanks.
Him: Let’s go to my room.
Ok. I’ve heard pro and con discussions are popular nowadays, therefore I’ll try to jump on the bandwagon. Pros: compliment and honesty. Con: the girlfriend part was not in good correlation with the last sentence.
Case closed.

Feather in his pants

Direct approach can be like a fresh breeze on a hot Sunday afternoon. As long as it’s not too fresh. Like a hurricane, for example. Let’s learn a thing or two on an example.
One girlfriend was visiting her foreign boyfriend. They (pronoun stands for a group, not just  two of them) went out partying. Another foreign man made a pass at her. A very unusual one. While words you’re so beautiful were flying out of his mouth, he came very very close... so close that he actually started to unzip her jeans. Em, any comments?
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I rest my case.

And another thing...

Try to steer clear of drunken boys. They are spitting while talking and truthfully, you can’t understand a thing they’re saying. It’s more or less like Sean Paul’s lyrics. You hear the sound but that’s about it.
Finally, I’d like to make an invitation. Not to be discriminating. I’d like to encourage boys to tell me some of their experience with awkwardly invented pick up lines and funky deeds. I’m sure we’re not that smart as we like to think... Because I know about my mistakes. And trust me, they’re kind of embarrassing. 

The picture is taken from www.thecoolhunter.net

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