Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekend gone wild

Interruption no. 1

You’ve heard about it, perhaps you’ve even tasted it. I am talking about a perfect relaxing weekend. No strings attached. Only plenty of sun and nothing to do but indulge yourself in little treats. This weekend is drastically standing out of the sea of rainy metallic weekends followed one by one in April and even May. In this story you are sipping your very late early morning coffee and nibbling a fresh croissant. La dolce vita in the twenty-first century. As if this peaceful perfection wasn’t enough, you see a man in the distance. A very well looking man, indeed. As he’s approaching closer, a familiar shiver runs thorough your body. It feels like you have met him before. Yes. You have met him before, indeed. A romance gone bad on two feet.

It ended childishly. With phone calls in the middle of the night and pretense the next day about nonexistence of the call. Of course, you weren’t the one making that call. However, you were the one who left the battlefield with a strong unpleasant taste that you had liked the idea of a relationship more than he did. It doesn’t matter. He made that silly phone call. Not you. You won in a way. Or that’s what ladies like to think.
As all that memories briskly flash through your thoughts, you don’t even notice he’s gone. Went in his direction. Did not see you. What? Again, true woman kicks in and you wish he had seen you. But who needs racing heart and destruction of a perfect moment? So, you rather go back to indulging yourself. You take a stroll down the river and you check the new antiques on a market next to it. Funky thoughts have vanished.

Interruption no. 2

Walking slowly to yet another bar. You feel like grabbing a cake. A splurging chocolate one. Mmm... your favorite place is waiting. Even the right waiter is in the shift. Then, you see him. Another him. A crush not so recently forgotten. Choosing a distant table with a pretty view on his pretty smile sounds like a good idea. A dinner and a show, only it’s a cake and a smile.

Interruption no. 3

As the day starts to transform into the night, it’s time to drive home and get ready for the evening life. Whatever city can offer. Nothing can surprise you anymore, since you’ve seen it all today. La-la-la-la... the radio plays one of your favorite oldies. Red traffic light. You pause. Green. Turning right. Waiting for the pedestrians. And bikes. Hm. What? Him again? The first him from the tale.
Help. A man down. You dreamt occasionally about running him over. With his stupid I didn’t make that phone call (it was his friend, the rumor has it). No, he is still standing. Well, riding a bike, more precisely. Perhaps you’ll land on top of him in some other movie. Wait. You already have.
What’s going on with some days? You just keep running into specific people listed in specific groups according to your past. It reminds me of a parade of failed romance, complicated crushes and disappointing flirtations.
Man. What a weekend!

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