Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Single or no-mingle situation...?

Have you ever wondered why do we always desire what is not in our possession? Yes? No? Whatever your answer is, I am thinking about it now. Perhaps this is more a woman’s matter, since we tend to be more unsatisfied with biological choices designed before our birth. Like the thing on our head, for example (yes, I mean hair). If you have short, you’d like it to be longer; if it’s long, you’re thinking about shorter. And don’t get me started with the color. 
By the way, what do men talk about? What are they doing while manly hanging around? Drinking beer and jerking off in groups? Ok, I’m off the track again. Back. Back!
Body shape. If you’re curvy, you’d like to be thin and if you’re boobless you think Pamela Anderson (no, no, no... please, something more tasteful).
While having my mind on this subject, I’ve noticed that similar projection could be made for relationships. The singles envy couples their coupled lives and the couples envy them their freedom. Funny. If there’s some higher form of intelligence in the Universe, it’s probably having fun looking at the human race. No wonder. We are hilariously ridiculous in some way, indeed.
Why not just be fine with it?
Where are you now? No, I don’t mean where are you sitting momentarily. Try understanding this in more metaphorically. How did you come here? You’ve probably worked for it hard (if someone is reading this while imprisoned, em...this is not what I’m aiming at). Having a boyfriend/girlfriend/partner/husband/wife was a plan you wanted to achieve at some point. Arranged marriages are probably not in this group, although I read somewhere that they are working just fine. Even better than those designed the western way. Anyway, if we slowly return to the not being single part. You got what you planed. Why not celebrate it instead of looking the other way?
Changing sides or simply changing partners
A prominent part of my friends changed their status or switched their partner. I’ll focus on the first. Going from relationship to single. I believe this sounds very appealing, when you think about it superficially. You can essentially do anything. Invite Adam Levine to your place in the middle of the night to have hot sweaty sex (yes, that is very reasonable. Especially in Slovenia you can meet him on the street on a daily basis. Not.); invite your newly made friends from the street to play hide and seek while being naked and dipped in Nutella bath (another reasonable idea)... Are you getting me? What the hell do you think your singleness can do that you cannot do if you’re in a relationship? 
Ok, if I meet Adam Levine and if he’ll be interested, I will not reconsider it twice. My boyfriend knows that.
Hopefully, the message is clearly visible in this story. No matter how tall dark and handsome, how blue-eyed, how gorgeous apartment and how nice it might feel kissing his perfectly shaped nose... You chose your boyfriend with a reason.
In the end they all get bald, fat and senile. Grumpy old men. That fart in their sleep. 
But you’ll remember the days you were young.
Still, is it worthy for a few memories? Yes. I guess the dying alone part and eternal loneliness is a strong reminder.

The picture is taken from a t-shirt. You can find it on http://www.a-better-tomorrow.com/