Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Gang Bang Theory

It is commonly believed that having sex with more than one person at a time is scandalous. Sure, it can be awkward in some situations (I can't stop thinking about the Borgias. The rumor has it that Rodrigo Lanzol Borgia's (Pope Alexander VI) daughter and son were involved in orgies together with their father, the Pope). Ok, awkward is probably constant follower, especially the day after; however, the feeling is obviously not strong enough to repel, otherwise people wouldn't be doing it for centuries. I have a sense it is sort of like being drunk. You know, talking rubbish, doing shameful deeds... And drinking again, although the moral factor did some damage the next day.
Let's talk some details and recent group activities, before judging...

The parking lot

A schoolmate of mine happened to be very promiscuous in her high school age. That's why it caught me by surprise to hear that she has had a child and is all serious nowadays. Still, it hasn't caught me by surprise to hear about one certain night on a parking lot. There was a threesome. Nothing unusual so far. Disturbing factor is probably the fact, that the person involved was a brother of another schoolmate, who she fancied for years, and some other guy (I have no idea about his background). Well, she used her childless years fruitfully (...interesting choice of words).

After art

Being an artist brings some perks regarding what is or what is not acceptable in life. So, the next story is fine in every aspect. That is if you are an artist.
A gallery opening was held on one warm night in one capital of one country. Plenty of arty and non-arty crowds, food and drinks. After bottles were half empty and the non-arty crowd sat in their cabs to get their drunk asses home, the arty crowd remained. Expecting something more. Who started the little Eyes wide shut game is of no importance (and, I have no idea about that). The reality was that that night couples weren't couples anymore, they became bigger clusters of naked people pretending to be in a movie. Is it necessary to mention that some couples were never couples again after that? Even the artist aren't what they used to be...

Not a real gang bang - but it sure must have felt like it

One acquaintance felt really bored at one point of her life. It was time to mix things up, so she found a very hopping way to do that. Bed hopping, that is. She wasn't actually dating anyone, but she sure made her bed as busy as possible. She was fucking four guys for a long period of time, many times on a same day. They just came in different shifts, as did she.
I remember she had hard times sitting on a coffee, not because her legs were restless, but because her vagina felt as if gone through a war.
I believe she stopped working shifts because she couldn't sit at her office desk normally, not because of any moral barriers. This story is kind of inspiring...

So, to conclude let me summarize: different people, different appetites.