Sunday, December 2, 2012

A quick guide or how to handle women

Recently I had a very pleasant drink with my ex-schoolmate. Not only is he incredible good-looking, he is also smart and fun to talk to (yes, I hope he reads this). Every now and then we grab a drink together and talk about, well, everything.
As the chitchat went on on this particular evening, the subject shifted to another level... Relationships, former, ongoing, men, women, sex and women again. More precisely what women want and why men can't understand them. This has been already discussed several times, mostly in books (Men are from Mars, women are from Venus has some good points, though), movies, TV shows... And no one seems to know the solution to the equation. 
Now, back to the story... I must admit, I felt kind of special, because he has chosen me to talk to about that and even more special because he needed an advice. There was something in it for me, too... I got  my blog idea (he agreed I can use it) :)

We talked about handling women. About having a guide to women's unexplainable behavior that no one can understand, even women occasionally (please, refer to the picture on the left... it might explain a lot).

Why are we interested in a guy, and than suddenly not anymore? I was thinking about it a lot... Women fall for another interesting man in short time, I guess, nevertheless, it seems men are pretty much the same regarding that. 
When women feel up to it, just grab a chance. It might disappear quickly, as we tend to change our minds frequently (just look at our hair, nails, style... hey, even the last name, though that's a bit trickier lately).

I find it difficult to speak for whole gender in general. From my experience and umpteen hours of conversing with ladies, I can summarize it with this: be bold. No, not bald, that's not very appealing, although with age it seems that's not a deal breaker anymore. Why not taking risks? The worse thing that can happen is a no. And no is already there from the beginning. If you don't approach is a no, since there was no chance to become a yes. How many time have we received no in life? How many are yet to come? No one's ever lost life because of a rejection (ok, I can think of silly examples, but that's not the point), just a bit of dignity, and that heals in time eventually.
I am a fan of Katy B, so the easiest thing to do is to listen this song, which in my opinion grasps the basics of what women want. Of course, until there are days like "I don't know".

Good luck and good night.


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