Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Facebook life or the dying out of coffee or when is time to just stop?

I have joined Facebook in 2007, if I remember correctly. In December 2007, I think, and I was the late one among my friends.
Recent months were dedicated to shrinking my online personality, which goes for posting pictures and other online activities. To be honest, this decision came spontaneously, without much thinking. Somehow it seemed wise to me to deliberately stop using computer as much, since we all have to interact with it for work and everything else. So why not minimize it where possible. Facebook was the most time-consuming and the least intellect expanding. There was no competition. 
Are there any benefits? Without doubt. I read more books, go to hang out with my friends more - to be precise, the circle of my friends broadened - , and I have time. Just time on my hands to do whatever. To climb a tree, to ride a bike, to take a stroll, to sip coffee on a balcony...
Any negative sides? As well. But silly ones, like spending more money in bars while chatting with friends. And that feeling that somehow someone is forgetting about you because you are not online so much. As I said, silly.
Nevertheless, I believe we should socialize more in person, so here are some quite good examples of why you should post less and think more about what you’re posting, if you’re still doing that frequently... And yes, go out more.
You do remember the Haiti disaster, I guess. It was quite cold in Slovenia at the time and an acquaintance of mine made a relatively innocent comment about blankets that were being transported to Haiti - she was freezing and she wouldn’t mind to have one herself, so she suggested that a plane passing Slovenia dropped one at her door. Being a semi-celebrity in Slovenia this post was furiously adopted by many gossip web sites and the mini scandal began. 
Wannabe journalists (trust me, “wannabe” stands correctly here - you should see the level of “journalism” on those websites, and I am not defending her - trying to be very objective here) scooped over her past posts to reveal many jokes she posted that were not meant to go public. Ever. Even though the jokes were cruel, yet really really funny (some of them were an example of good old black humor), they were only jokes. Posted so many times by others. And I know for a fact from a person working in the same media house hosting the web site, that everyone was telling her jokes for months to come. And they all laughed. Strongly. But the damage has been done. Luckily, another gossip came through.
No. 2
This one is more international, I’d say. We all know Tracy. Yes, the OMG Tracy. The epic fail. I believe there are no words needed to explain this, the post speaks for itself. And it is very loquacious.

No. 3
Ant another one for the end. International dessert again. Why would you want to post that? Seriously. It’s bad enough the people involved have the memory of it.

Have a lovely evening outdoors...


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Revolutionary breakthrough or how to up-sex yourself

Year 2010 seemed to be a disaster for many relationships. At least - so they say - in numerological terms. Also, 2011 and 2012 (I am not sure if numerology is to blame for that, too). So, how it all started...
Apparently with boring sex life. Or no sex life at all.

I have a friend, thirty-something woman. She has been in a marriage like relationship with a year or two younger man for many many years. As we became very close friends over the years, the truth about her sex life came round. Not a typical story for a hot (she is REALLY hot) woman and an attractive man. The only thing their sheets were used for was sleeping. And I mean tight good night sleeping. Solely. It turned out he has not been interested in her for years. Naked breasts in the morning pressed against his back, rubbing, touching... nothing! No reaction whatsoever.

Other things were going in a normal way, whatever that means for different kinds of people...

Then, something and someone got in her way. No, we're not getting straight to it just yet... He was a business associate and an obvious friend to be. Occasional drink, dinner from time to time and lovely chitchats. Life was beautiful and suddenly interesting - again.
Arrival of a confession of an attraction could be smelled from a distance. The predicted complication happened. She was utterly against any kind of duplicity. However, every action has a reaction and this one came to be a very impulsive one. Yes. The sex begins here. A very nasty sweaty head-knocking-up-against-the-headboard sex. Ah. Finally. She was alive!

So, she was alive several times a day sometimes, alive in the car, on the way to work, in a hotel, on a romantic weekend away, even while actually feeling the earthquake - no, not an orgasm, a real earthquake, although it seemed to be only in the her head.

These days she is getting informative texts about his erections then an there only by thinking about her. Supported by pictures from time to time. Even I am completely satisfied since there is something to write about. At last!

Everybody's happy.

Lesson? It is not a lie that women in their thirties are animalistic in bed. Oh, what is yet to come for some of us...

P.S. What happend to her boyfriend? I haven't heard of him for a while now...

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Naughty girl(s)

Current state I am in could be described as an intellectual blockade. Mostly in blogging/writing department. Which is sort of inconvenient since I have made a promise (to myself, more or less) about writing a column-like post every Tuesday (I wonder, how long will I be able to do that - it’s not such an easy task to maintain). For my lack of imagination this week, and the previous one, if I am being honest here, I decided to take a trip down memory lane. A story mentioned in the following lines is some version of the truth. I hope you can relate to that expression...

A special birthday celebration...

When ladies party they party hard. The roof can be very much on fire sometimes. Drinks make it all easy to forget and sometimes we never ever wish to remember. That wish is granted sometimes. The other times it is buried for a while until it pops like a sparkling champagne on a celebration night.
A friend of mine was marking an eighteenth birthday. The parties are usually wild, since this is the age you can officially start being a grown up (mental maturity comes after a decade or so in most cases). Liquor, booze, drinks, alcohol... However you name it according to your local rules, the effect remains the same.
At some point one of the invitees permanently and deliberately stopped drinks counting, which inevitably resulted in many embarrassing words spoken afterwards. Luckily, forgotten forthwith and never spoken about in months to come.
Now, you must be wondering how did all of us come to a knowledge about better-not-to-be-ever spoken dialog (or better yet, monolog). Intoxication level was not equal for all the ladies. Some of them remained quite clear and conscious, therefore also possessed a memory of that special night. So, they spread the word.
A friend in question never wanted to know about the exact happening and especially about the words spoken in that very night, so we kept our pretty little mouths shut. Until one sunny day spent on the seaside...
We competed with some men we had just met on a subject of the most embarrassing story ever happened to us. The friend from the party was not giving any material, since she thought of herself as a polite Eliza. For easier understanding, I shall call her Eliza from now on. The other friend, not knowing about Eliza not knowing of the events that took place on that special night, suggested her moment as the most embarrassing one, accompanied by an explanation:
While we were celebrating one birthday there was a group of guys we knew from our neighborhood. For the first time in our lives we were more drunk as them (trust me, this is an accomplishment). This Eliza character decided she likes one of the man in the group. So, she went to prey upon him. Although she knew he had a girlfriend and although she knew her. Oh, the girlfriend was standing on the other side of the bar and he was not even that handsome. The attack on the victim was direct. He was trying to explain about his girlfriend’s whereabouts. No success. Eliza was even more direct. She used specific wording, not a very fortunate one... What, you think that I don’t fuck better than you girlfriend? (At the moment guy’s reaction is not important, so we shall skip that. Besides, no one remembers it).
Eliza’s face turned purple. Instantly we understood that she didn’t know about that night. Ups.
No hard feelings in the end. We had a laugh, the one that causes pain in the abs department. Eliza won, by the way. You know. The trophy for the most embarrassing moment.
My imaginative friends saved my blogging for today. Look what they made me do... ;)

I cannot remember where was this picture taken from. I had it on my computer.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Gettin' lazy...

I'll take a break until Tuesday... Surely you have lots of material for reading. Try browsing through older post. The ones with the longer content.

Be good...