Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Revolutionary breakthrough or how to up-sex yourself

Year 2010 seemed to be a disaster for many relationships. At least - so they say - in numerological terms. Also, 2011 and 2012 (I am not sure if numerology is to blame for that, too). So, how it all started...
Apparently with boring sex life. Or no sex life at all.

I have a friend, thirty-something woman. She has been in a marriage like relationship with a year or two younger man for many many years. As we became very close friends over the years, the truth about her sex life came round. Not a typical story for a hot (she is REALLY hot) woman and an attractive man. The only thing their sheets were used for was sleeping. And I mean tight good night sleeping. Solely. It turned out he has not been interested in her for years. Naked breasts in the morning pressed against his back, rubbing, touching... nothing! No reaction whatsoever.

Other things were going in a normal way, whatever that means for different kinds of people...

Then, something and someone got in her way. No, we're not getting straight to it just yet... He was a business associate and an obvious friend to be. Occasional drink, dinner from time to time and lovely chitchats. Life was beautiful and suddenly interesting - again.
Arrival of a confession of an attraction could be smelled from a distance. The predicted complication happened. She was utterly against any kind of duplicity. However, every action has a reaction and this one came to be a very impulsive one. Yes. The sex begins here. A very nasty sweaty head-knocking-up-against-the-headboard sex. Ah. Finally. She was alive!

So, she was alive several times a day sometimes, alive in the car, on the way to work, in a hotel, on a romantic weekend away, even while actually feeling the earthquake - no, not an orgasm, a real earthquake, although it seemed to be only in the her head.

These days she is getting informative texts about his erections then an there only by thinking about her. Supported by pictures from time to time. Even I am completely satisfied since there is something to write about. At last!

Everybody's happy.

Lesson? It is not a lie that women in their thirties are animalistic in bed. Oh, what is yet to come for some of us...

P.S. What happend to her boyfriend? I haven't heard of him for a while now...

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