Monday, May 7, 2012

Going international or how different we really are

I’ve just met a woman, who has had a decent number of international relationships. You probably know that story about discovering together with your “new friend” how many acquaintances in common you actually have. No? Then you come from a bigger country than I do. In my hometown conversing to each other usually brings us to conclusion about the relative size of the World and this chitchat was no exception. It turned out I was about to go to a wedding, where one of her ex-boyfriends is among the invitees.
Since several top secret information have been revealed on that very day (about ex-boyfriends, gay friends, straight friends, old friends), I feel a strong urge to explain that it was a Friday afternoon and polite after work tea turned into a drinking competition. Later it came to my knowledge, that I won. Whatever. Anyway, let’s return to the story...

The kind of behavior that invented therapists...

A tall handsome dark man (yes, I’ve seen him on the wedding. He scored quite high on the “looks” scale) from another part of the Globe had several issues. At the moment I am struggling with my flashing brain where to start a story: his strange relationship with a plastic fantastic mother, his love to a special piece of cloth (more precisely, a blanket or in his words “blanky” - yes, it even had a pet name. Trust me, you do not want to know since when this invisible connection between him and his “blanky” existed. Ok, I am lying. You simply HAVE to know: since very early age of his life - when he was circumcised) or his narcissistic alliance with himself (the rumor has it, he keeps a book - sort of an album about him, so when he’s feeling down, he can go to a secret shelter and flip through the book. Evidently, I am so passé - chocolate is still my mood booster). I guess I have narrated the story despite my chaotic brain situation. Hopefully it was clear enough to grasp the core: the boy has issues. Clearly. Some sort of therapy could and should be suggested, however, who am I to judge. Let’s move on...

Being eco or is eco just an excuse?

In October 2011 I had a traveling spree. In Europe. Mostly two-hour flights from home. I met some friends to be, or - how I like to call them - candidates for future foreign friends. Even before I came to one of the European countries I had heard gossip about their supposedly stinginess. You can’t make any assumptions according to rumors, so, honestly, I had completely forgotten about it. Then I had met this non-native guy, who had a native boyfriend. Once upon a time they were grocery shopping. Something to eat when your not in a cooking mood. Something to put in the microwave when you come home. Something just around the corner.
The non-native guy expected they’ll go immediately to their crib and prepare this high calorie meal in an American movie style (you know, when the character puts frozen food in the microwave and talks on the phone while doing it). For they had been just around the corner. Well, wrong.
The man in the shop offered to microwave the meal for them and the native guy agreed. Myself, the non-native guy and you are probably asking why??? It’s just around the corner! However, there was been a reason. The native guy decided to save some energy. Eco friendly of simply stingy?

All different = all equal

There are definitely good reasons to be so diverse. Embrace it. And make fun of it. You know what they say... Laughter has many health benefits :)

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