Sunday, March 17, 2013

Woman. Period. How to handle? (part III)

Mastering nuclear physics - check. Flying a jet plane - check. Handling woman with period - what? That is achievable? With no superpowers?

Yes, we have heard plenty of jokes about handling women in comparison to men. About all the buttons we posses and men only one (I dare you to guess). Mission can become really impossible if woman is in that time of the month (perhaps some comment, Tom Cruise? Climbing that rock isn't so difficult after all, right?). However, there is simple logic behind it and if you follow some ready to use algorithms, those bloody days can pass by with an easy. Or at least easier.

Allow me to explain...

Our breasts can grow up to a one cup size and if you are able to button up your shirt and breath normally, than you're a winner. Men might find swollen breasts one of the nicest benefits of cycle, yet we are not so happy about it. It is painful. Please, do not in any circumstances touch our nipples. And pretty please, do not pretend you are turning on the music trying to rotate them around. Avoiding these gestures can save a lot of harsh words.
As if painful breasts are not enough, water in our body expands over some boundaries. It goes to places we do not want it to be. Such as our thighs and calves (zipping the boots was never so stressful). Stomach grows. Just over night. As if you were in 5th month of pregnancy. Yes, we can feel fat. You might not see the change, but trust me, it is there.

Putting physical changes aside leaves us with mood swings. Oh the joy. Looking at a commercial for cereals can be ever so emotional with tears in the end. Some women find everything surrounding them completely annoying, and this includes themselves as well. No discrimination. As bizarre as it may seem, the picture above roughly describes uncontrollable feelings we can neither hide nor manage. We do know we are unbearable, however, some magical force is preventing us to behave in acceptable way.

Sometimes it really feels like we are going to bleed to death, with painful cramps and no friends around, since we scared them off with our irrational habits. Please, bear with us. Keep calm and make some tea. Eventually, we are coming back ;)


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Harlem Shake

Since it's tremendously popular... My sis & her hubby also made a version of it. Oh, their doggy is camera assistant :)