Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Once upon a time or what happened to the happy endings

In a world where you can have everything, possessing exactly that became of huge importance. Traveling, working or studying abroad, owning a car, an apartment, fancy gadgets...
If you’re not happy with someone for 5 minutes, there’s no time to lose, for life is short - we’ve all heard rumors about it. Surely, you are obliged by natural law to be joyful all the time, so you ditch the person and move on. Been there, done that (I guess I can check that off my bucket list). Seriously? Sadly, yes.

That is not very mature, you might think and I will have to agree, though reluctantly. I couldn’t help myself but think more about the topic, and so I started to wonder what had happened to “till death do us part” or “and they lived happily ever after”? 

Where did all our happy endings go?!?!

Meet Storybrook... Place where happily ever after lost its way

According to the new TV series I’ve started to follow, Once upon a time, the Evil Queen with origins from the Show White, enchanted all storybook characters with a vicious magical spell and prevented them from having their happy endings. She forced them to lead boring lives in our time. Desperate, dull and most importantly era with no optimism. If you look at the statistics, the plot is not that far from the truth. Rising numbers of divorces and separations speak for itself. Being in a relationship with only one person till the rest of your life? It does sound like a buzz killer. You can’t eat potato every day, right? 
This time I started a quest, a wicked search of a perfect long-lasting ever so faithful couple that would prove me wrong. I am still a bit vague on the criteria of an immaculate duo, but it’s in my genes to recognize flawless brand. I’ve listed all my friends, their friends, Facebook friends, my acquaintances, colleagues and... I found them! 
She was a business woman gone Martha Stewart (without the prison part), he was a doctor without borders and by the age of thirty they had 3 children, a downtown apartment and a big house by the sea.


Yeah, right... Just kidding.
I had to create a bit of suspense, otherwise a narrative story wouldn’t be a very good one. 
Perfection... The person who invented it had to be a very old, difficult to handle, miserable character. Perfection is not interesting and most of all it is very changeable depending from whom are you talking to. Regarding this subject I dare to say that happy endings do exist, but are versatile. Even if you are planning a life with one and only (wo)man, interesting future can be ahead of you (some parents do give a great example).
So, perhaps you can eat a potato every day... All you need is a touch of imagination in form of seasoning (potato and rosemary blend really well). 
Snow White, Cinderella, Red Riding Hood and the rest of the Once upon a time team certainly new the secret recipe.
P.S. Hopefully the topic wasn’t misleading... It’s relatively obvious I didn’t have in mind Thai massages.


  1. Coincidences...me and my potato are having an anniversary today :) He`s taking me out for seasonigs tonight...