Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hormones going crazy or how no one is immune to a springtime lobotomy

This year’s spring started a bit early. Nothing to complain about, actually... We were freshly introduced to this big yellow ball in the sky (where I come from foggy days are kind of traditional, so we tend to forget what the sun really looks like) and the rising temperatures allowed us to uncover some skin. Suddenly I am loving these tan lines we can choose from: biker’s, farmer’s, tennis... 
As I was walking my sister’s dog, who is naturally going all crazy due to hormonal cocktails released in the air by the other dogs, I started to wonder about human hormones that make us go cuckoo. The spring version of them, of course. Honestly, it seems that not only flowers, trees and dogs are affected by the sun, but also men and women. No matter how hard you try to be sober, eventually you give in. 
Sometimes I like to look on things from a scientific point of view, so I would say this is one of many proofs confirming our animalistic nature. Apparently we feel the influence of the hormones, but can we smell them? I suppose that’s a bit too strong word for it. Perhaps just sense them? Taking into account generalized change in behavioral pattern, I’d say yes. And, how are we actually affected?
The age of innocence or how to switch in a successful way
A few years ago an acquaintance of mine felt eager to discuss a thrilling secret about a progress in her love life. She caught us a bit off guard while sharing that exact piece of information since it turned out that her boyfriend was not involved in the mentioned development. She was having an affair. And, as if the situation wasn’t complicated enough, the other person was her... khm, superior.The following events were, I guess, pretty movie-like. Hiding in the bushes (ok, much more sophisticated version of “the bushes” happened in the reality, however, I think I can allow myself some writing imagination), midnight calls, in middle of the night visits, sex in public places... I got your attention now, huh?
You’d be probably surprised to know, that eventually she had left her boyfriend and know she’s coupling with the other guy. I am not sure if he remained her superior, but truthfully, who cares. I only wonder if the pattern will repeat again - for, you know, this was not a first time for her... leaving a boyfriend for another man.
Lots of pride, but no prejudice
One other sort of a friend has had a boyfriend for years. Years. I’ve been always wondering - in a negative way - how did they find each other... Honestly, in my eyes, they were the most boring couple that has ever existed. No imagination. No fun. No spark. No nothing. She was having monastery appearance all the time, as for him, words cannot describe such dullness, so I won’t even try. Surprise of all surprises, as it turned out, a nun she never was... she pulled that particular look off very well.
Once upon a time in a springtime, of course, we have attended a party together. Lost of drinks, lots of talking and lots of secret-sharing. She “slipped” a few details about her relationship. Quite boastfully she announced her tiny little affairs then and there. Pride? Yes. Prejudice? No.
So, what’s the lesson in it? Frankly, I have no idea. Perhaps the best thing to do is to shut your chatty mouth and live your life. Even if it’s springtime.
A dear friend of mine lost his dog due to old age. This post has been written in his memory. Gizmo, you are highly missed*

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