Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My way on the highway

The summer’s evidently started. Empty office desks, bars crowded in the evenings and roads fully packed with transitory or visiting tourists. As for me... I am still waiting for my dose of vacation pills. Not for long, though. In between scary-hilarious things shall and will occur. Like this one I am about to tell...
On my working day on the way from place A to place B, which takes about an hour, I had stopped for some coffee at a gas station. 
A major part of Slovenian gas stations has great sweetish tasting coffee from vending machines. If you’re reading this and would like to taste it, gas stations are called Petrol with red billboards all over. 
Anyway, on my way to caffeine injection, while holding a briefcase in my hands (this is very important), I had heard someone yelling after me. Noting specific, just hey hey! At first I hadn’t been sure, I am the person yelled at, so when the voice had come closer and hadn’t stopped, I had turned around. A young man, dressed like he was heading to the beach (obviously, you’ll understand that later) had been talking to me.
Me: Yes?
Him: Are you going to the beach? (you do see now the connection, don’t you?)
Me: No. 
A briefcase is according to my imagination a visible sign a person is not going to the beach, but what do I know.
Him: Aha. Ok. Just asking.
Me: Sure. No problem.
Let me mention, that place B I was about to visit due to a meeting, was on the seaside. Hence the briefcase on the way to the shore.
I had sat in my car and continued my working journey toward the beach with my coffee (and Twix, as the matter of fact).
Coffee gone.
Twix gone.
Soon after that I couldn’t help but notice that a silver BMW was constantly following me. As  it wanted to pass me by, my eyes caught the guy. That same guy from the gas station. Ok. Even more, while trying to overtake me (emphasis on “trying” - he did not try to do that, as the matter of fact), he just drove parallel with me. On a highway. For quite some time. WTF?!?!? Does my appearance scream The fast and the furious fan? Most certainly not.
I had remained calm, not looking at him, but just driving in my direction, constantly battling against myself not to show him the middle finger. Is this normal nowadays? Picking up a girl on a highway while almost flying on the road? 
No, I wasn’t really speeding. Yet. Until repetition occurred. He had started driving really slowly, I overtook him, then he tried to do the same. That happened a few times. Then I had had it. 
More speed!
Even more speed!
I had lost him before a tunnel... Story ended here.
Is there a lesson in it? Not really sure about it. I am kinda lucky not to get a speeding ticket. I seriously doubt they would be convinced by a stalker story. 
There are some details missing, such as my manicure performed in the car, because I wanted to look as stupid as possible - I thought he might give up on me. No. It didn’t work. Now he’s probably telling a story about a mad women doing her nails while driving. It’s fine by me...

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