Saturday, February 2, 2013

Female facts

Women tend to fantasize on a regular basis in comparison to men. Lack of imagination? Or simply lost of touch with firm grounds? It makes no difference whatsoever. The fact is a fact. And it remains there regardless of reasoning. I came to thinking about this precise subject over some recent happening with the two friends of mine. A he and a she. He was a classic example of him, she was a schoolbook case of her. They have managed to get involved on a level higher than age of innocence, when innocence turned guilty. Guilty as charged. From storybook's point of view this ship was caught in a light breeze which made its progress effortlessly through the sea of love with no visible storm ahead. From 21st century's point of view the breeze was about to become a hurricane. Why is that so, many of you (especially men), might ask. Well, let me explain...

Women, correction, most women are capable of inventing some sort of reality after sleeping with a man. Their reality, that has nothing to do with the actual one, hence my conclusion about fantasizing in a daily routine. After some bedroom activities comes thinking about him. Not just a thought or two here and there, but serious full-time job type. When the burden of self-induced thoughts explodes out of handling proportions, it's time to call in some backup. Less subjective judges, also known as the friends. Since I don't want to be too harsh on women, I'll only mention subtly that those judges are (almost) never less subjective, since the procedure of bringing out conclusions goes through the same wheels in the brain. Analysis of every single detail worthy of a PhD thesis comes into full swing. However, results are vague (as in great part of PhD thesis). To be quite honest, there are still unsolved mysteries about the chicken and the egg, so how can we expect to deciphre man's way of perceiving women? Not by inventing umpteen versions of the same story (with happy ending, of course), I can tell you that.
If we look at the male version of after sex thinking, you shall soon be able to conclude, why there's a breeze turning to a hurricane...

So, men, on the other hand, forget about details. They actually stop thinking about you and go to work. They hang out with their friends not even mentioning your existence. Some of them are dating in between and praying upon other women. They go to gym, they eat and most of all they live. Have you noticed how much shorter this paragraph is? Do you understand? They live. We should think about doing the same instead of spending worthless hours discussing petty details and reviving memories. Go out. Laugh. Smile. Flirt. And most of all... If you want to see him, call him. It's not that he doesn't want to, he is just busy. Doing other things.

The prettiest conclusion is that that hurricane will become a light breeze again, when we realize the simplicity of male functioning. Yes, it is that simple...
Please, grab your phones, log in to chat, do your thing. And enjoy.



  1. I was really thinking about this. And I completly agree with everything.
    Ok first think is that we (women) are really more prone to complicate things than men. But OK this does not justify our behaviour when it comes to this topic.
    But then it hit me.
    The time that we prepare for sex is the same amount of time (ok multiply it depends in what kid of relationtship you are with the men you are about to have sex) that we think about it after.
    Just think:
    For some special night we go and buy some special lingerine...of course with special stockings (the ones that nobody wears in their daily activity... because for that you buy selfadhesive ones). Then of course you have to think about waxing, shaving or whatever method you are using downunder...and I will not start with the "haircuts".
    But he...all he needs is a clean nice tight boxers and a pair of jeans.

    See! My paragraph (in a really shortened version) is significantelly shorter than his.