Saturday, January 5, 2013

Necessity of sharing...

My very dear friend moved to LA some time ago and she is facing "funny" questions all the time, especially about her home country Slovenia. So, I decided to post her response to all the "smart" questions...


NO, it's not next to Russia.
NO, Europe is not a country.
NO, there is not such thing as "European language".
NO, it's not always cold.
NO, you won't see a bear walking around the house.
YES, we do ALL travel around the world.
YES, we do have cars. 
YES, we do have TV and COMPUTERS (even Macs and stuff).
NO, we don't have so fat people as you have it here.
YES, we do have our own president.
NO, we don't have states.
YES, we do have McDonald's, we just choose not to eat in it 5 times a day.
YES, we do look good every day.
YES, we do expect a man to be a gentleman.
YES, our accent is hot.
NO, we are not playing hard to get we ARE hard to get.
NO, there is no war. 
YES, we celebrate Christmas.
YES, we know everything.
YES, we speak 5 languages.
YES, we are different and amazing ;))

And some additional info here. Check the map, please!



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