Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Naughty girl(s)

Current state I am in could be described as an intellectual blockade. Mostly in blogging/writing department. Which is sort of inconvenient since I have made a promise (to myself, more or less) about writing a column-like post every Tuesday (I wonder, how long will I be able to do that - it’s not such an easy task to maintain). For my lack of imagination this week, and the previous one, if I am being honest here, I decided to take a trip down memory lane. A story mentioned in the following lines is some version of the truth. I hope you can relate to that expression...

A special birthday celebration...

When ladies party they party hard. The roof can be very much on fire sometimes. Drinks make it all easy to forget and sometimes we never ever wish to remember. That wish is granted sometimes. The other times it is buried for a while until it pops like a sparkling champagne on a celebration night.
A friend of mine was marking an eighteenth birthday. The parties are usually wild, since this is the age you can officially start being a grown up (mental maturity comes after a decade or so in most cases). Liquor, booze, drinks, alcohol... However you name it according to your local rules, the effect remains the same.
At some point one of the invitees permanently and deliberately stopped drinks counting, which inevitably resulted in many embarrassing words spoken afterwards. Luckily, forgotten forthwith and never spoken about in months to come.
Now, you must be wondering how did all of us come to a knowledge about better-not-to-be-ever spoken dialog (or better yet, monolog). Intoxication level was not equal for all the ladies. Some of them remained quite clear and conscious, therefore also possessed a memory of that special night. So, they spread the word.
A friend in question never wanted to know about the exact happening and especially about the words spoken in that very night, so we kept our pretty little mouths shut. Until one sunny day spent on the seaside...
We competed with some men we had just met on a subject of the most embarrassing story ever happened to us. The friend from the party was not giving any material, since she thought of herself as a polite Eliza. For easier understanding, I shall call her Eliza from now on. The other friend, not knowing about Eliza not knowing of the events that took place on that special night, suggested her moment as the most embarrassing one, accompanied by an explanation:
While we were celebrating one birthday there was a group of guys we knew from our neighborhood. For the first time in our lives we were more drunk as them (trust me, this is an accomplishment). This Eliza character decided she likes one of the man in the group. So, she went to prey upon him. Although she knew he had a girlfriend and although she knew her. Oh, the girlfriend was standing on the other side of the bar and he was not even that handsome. The attack on the victim was direct. He was trying to explain about his girlfriend’s whereabouts. No success. Eliza was even more direct. She used specific wording, not a very fortunate one... What, you think that I don’t fuck better than you girlfriend? (At the moment guy’s reaction is not important, so we shall skip that. Besides, no one remembers it).
Eliza’s face turned purple. Instantly we understood that she didn’t know about that night. Ups.
No hard feelings in the end. We had a laugh, the one that causes pain in the abs department. Eliza won, by the way. You know. The trophy for the most embarrassing moment.
My imaginative friends saved my blogging for today. Look what they made me do... ;)

I cannot remember where was this picture taken from. I had it on my computer.

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